Strawn Berry Farm

Naturally grown berries and vegetables,

for a healthy lifestyle in the mountains.

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 Strawn Berry is committed to clean, local, healthy farm products. A particular focus on sustainable berries.  

Thank You to all of our farm fans, friend and followers!!! This year went awesomely, not exactly as expected, and has us stoked to come back and do it again!

Strawn’s organic farming practices enhance the natural conditions of San Luis Valley soil in a three-fold way.  First, by increasing organic content to provide more and better food for the living-soil food web and unlocking those nutrients, its also important at critical times of the year.  Secondly, some work to increase the arability changes the soil chemistry and make the dirt a better environment for growing, the alkaline and sandy soil needs neutralizing microbe-level activity, achieved through the organic decay of elements within the compost and amendments worked into the soil.  Thirdly by utilizing tools and techniques which concentrate and retain the soil structure in a permanent, or long lasting way, is permaculture.  

Permaculture is an idealist and lofty philosophy that mankind can yet regenerate. By using our observation of nature and those processes, build for the future, satisfy and plan for the present, expect degradation and decay build it into a sustainable system.   Initially, before Strawn Berry ever was, a lot of history and has gone into the agricultural toolbox of techniques and crops.  Appreciating the causes and conditions for productive & healthy modern farms involves as well as it evolve’s.                   Cultivating the vitality of the soil has increased its productivity each year and is the way to grow better, year after year.