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The way organic used to be…

 permaculture, biodynamic and regenerative

  When considering what to grow, and how, mankind is tasked with toiling in fields to produce a living.  While heritage practices like organic, regenerative, or biodynamic emphasize specific goals of the farmers technique, one emergent theme is a cumulative benefit.  Natural ag. practices lend themselves to becoming more beneficial over time, therefore more permanent, dynamically alive and regenerative.  



Sustainable, permanent agriculture is at the base of a sustainable and enduring society.  A system of principles to allot resources wisely and efficiently in order that an improved ecosystem and not a degraded one is fostered.  


Odd as it is to consider enriching the sandy, alkali soils of the upper Rio Grande basin is a regenerative practice.  This practice has the goal of invigorating life both above and below the ground.  


Soil Biology is a lively sphere and study of the soil food web has revealed the majority of all life on the planet exists invisibly just beneath the surface!  Whoaa!